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Some things in life will never date and the Billabong is one of them. With four square corners, this rectangle pool is full of class & style. With dual entry steps located at both sides of the shallow end this pool can be conveniently placed in just about any area.

A major feature of the Billabong is the massive  swim  area  inside  the  pool, with the seating area being located at the shallow end this allows for a totally free swimming area for the majority of the pool. This is great for kids who love to jump in and play around in the deeper areas of the pool.

Landscaping around this pool is best kept simple to compliment the stylish design.

The Billabong swimming pool range comes in four lengths and widths with options to suit all requirements. From a supersized 10.5-metre to a slimline 4.2-metre, this swimming pool design is perfect for everyone.

To find out more about our Billabong Pool range please contact us.