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The Billabong Plunge Pool 4.2m x 2.6m is expertly tailored to cater to individuals facing space limitations in their outdoor areas or those seeking a compact option for relaxation and cooling. Whether you have a small backyard, limited patio, or constrained space, the Billabong Plunge Slimline Pool provides an ideal solution.

A standout feature of the Billabong Plunge Slimline Pool is its remarkable adaptability in placement. Its compact size allows for versatile positioning, fitting seamlessly into areas where larger pools would be impractical. Regardless of spatial constraints, the Billabong Plunge Slimline Pool effortlessly enhances its surroundings.

Designed with convenience in mind, the pool features dual entry steps for easy access from either side. This thoughtful addition ensures accessibility for users, regardless of their position around the pool, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal and symmetry.

To further enhance comfort and relaxation, the Billabong Plunge Slimline Pool includes a bench seating area extending along its length and across the entry space. This expansive seating zone offers a comfortable spot for individuals to sit and enjoy the pool, with the added option of open spa jets for soothing hydrotherapy. The integration of these features elevates the pool experience, providing users with a serene environment to unwind and enjoy therapeutic water flow.


Plunge Slimline 4.2 x 2.6m




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