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The Brampton Slimline pool, measuring 10.1 meters by 3.5 meters, epitomizes strong geometric characteristics meticulously designed to complement both contemporary and traditional outdoor landscapes. With its bold and sophisticated design, the Brampton Slimline Pool is a statement of elegance.

What sets the Brampton Slimline range apart is its gradual slope in depth, catering to lap swimming and the excitement of children diving into the pool. This design is tailored to meet your needs and preferences. Even in small backyards, the Brampton Slimline thrives, thanks to its slim size and space versatility.

Sit back, relax, and create joyful memories filled with splashes and laughter. The Brampton Slimline is here to turn your most affordable pool dreams into a reality.

Features of the Brampton Slimline:

Child Safety Ledge: This runs the length of the pool to ensure your children will always have a safe place to swim to.
Full-Length Bench Seat: Sit back and relax on this spacious seating area—the Brampton drips with comfort.
Non-Slip Entry/Exit Point: Enter and exit your pool safely, without having to grab onto the nearest swimmer.
Dual Entry and Exit Points: For maximum convenience.
Spacious, Unobstructed Swimming Area: The Brampton can accommodate your whole family and plenty of guests too.


Brampton Slimline 10.1 x 3.5




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